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DNA Testing

Optimize your genetic potential! Get a personalized health action plan based on your DNA. It is as simple as swabbing your cheek. Your results are analyzed & curated to include personalized recommendations. Optimize your health to make the changes you want! Our recommendations cover five essential domains of health and wellness and are customized based on individual genetic predispositions. The five domains that are curated specifically for your genes are the following:

  1. Nutrition: Diet and nutrition strategies with specific foods to help overcome genetic predispositions in order to help you live your healthiest life.

  2. Lifestyle: recommendations to optimize mental wellness, stress management, sleep, and other lifestyle strategies

  3. Exercise: Specific strategies on cardiovascular, muscular strength, and overall physical activity to improve performance and recovery.

  4. Supplements: types and amounts of vitamins and supplements to achieve optimal health.

  5. Further Testing: recommendations to see exactly how your genetic predisposition may affect you so you can take charge of your health.

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