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Grocery Store Tour

Vegetable Market

When you have diabetes, heart disease, or other health conditions then knowing what to eat can be extremely frustrating. Let me make it easier for you by walking you through a grocery store  of your choice in the Ardmore, Oklahoma area. I can teach you to make the best food choices tailored to your needs. I can show you how to read nutrition labels, introduce new ingredients into your diet, help you pick healthy on-the-go options, provide you with a personalized grocery list, and answer any questions you have. This can also be helpful for those with food sensitivities and food intolerance. Since diet plays a role in health, nutrition tours can be the first line of defense in treating and preventing these conditions. The following are just a few topics I can teach you:

  • Reading nutrition labels & ingredient lists

  • Avoiding high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, MSG, & other food additives that can sabotage your health

  • Checking produce for ripeness and freshness

  • Pros & cons of canned versus fresh produce

  • Healthy cooking tips

  • Good fat versus bad fat

  • Healthy meat choices or alternative protein choices

  • The different types of grains

  • How to recognize sugar and all its aliases

  • Selecting low sodium foods

  • Carbohydrates

  • The truth about fruit juice, sports drinks, & carbonated beverages

  • Learn about processed foods & packaged meals

  • How to choose healthy options when shopping

  • Budget friendly shopping tips


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