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Lab Tests Available

Results from your lab testing can be used for general knowledge or taken to your doctor. I do not diagnose medical conditions!

Micronutrient Testing:
  • This is a whole blood test available on dried blood collection (DBS). A quick finger prick to collect the sample to test whole blood measures of the following Analytes: Vitamins A, B1, B2. B3,  B4, B5, B6, C, D3, E, K1, K2. Also it includes Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, & Iron. Amino acids, Antioxidants, & Metabolites.

Test Tube
Test Tube

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Gut Zoomer:

  • A close look at the microbial world that exists in your gut and how it may be affecting your health. Every person has a unique microbiome. This test is done using a stool sample. The Gut Zoomer report provides you with actionable recommendations that include potential risks for: Intestinal permeability and IBS & IBD related bacteria, small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Autoimmune health, neurological health, metabolic health, microbiome and hormone connections, 67 pathogenic bacteria, 24 intestinal parasites, 8 viruses,  5 fungal or yeast species, 5 worm species. and 6 antibiotic resistant genes measured.

Wheat Zoomer, Leaky Gut Panel:
  • For the detection of wheat and gluten-related disorders, intestinal permeability, celiac disease, and gluten-related autoimmunity. This is done through a finger prick to collect blood drops for testing.

IBS Testing:
  • A simple and reliable tool for detecting IBS-D associated with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). A blood test, done by a finger prick, that detects two antibodies which are indicative of bacterial-pathogen-induced motility dysfunction, which can lead to increased incidence of SIBO.

Organic Acid Testing:
  • Organic acids panels test for the organic acids in urine that are byproducts of daily cellular metabolism. Based on known metabolic pathways and enzyme-cofactor requirements, these organic acid markers can provide great insights in discovering underlying causes of chronic symptoms. Organic acids testing can accurately identify conditions associated with genetic disorders, nutrient deficiencies, intestinal dysbiosis, and toxicity from diet and prescription drugs. This test is done by collecting a urine sample.

Saliva Hormone Testing:
  • Hormones are important chemical messengers and imbalances can affect a wide range of body functions including: metabolism and appetite,heart rate, sleep cycles, reproductive cycles, general growth and development, mood and stress levels, and body temperature. This test  will assess the status of hormones and their precursors and metabolites.

Environmental Toxins:
  • To test for the presence of excessive environmental toxin exposure. This is done by a urine test to assess the potential for toxins such as mold, heavy metals, and more.

We offer a variety of tests, not all tests are listed here. Contact me if you have something specific in mind or if you have any questions.

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